About tend

What is the overall project about?

We wish to promote research that truly captures the voices and experiences of disabled people. We believe that this will help conduct meaningful research that has the potential to change lives of disabled people and overcome ableist structures in both academia and wider society.

The t in tend stands for many different ways in which we want to achieve this: teaching, telling, transmitting, theorising and many more. The core and most important part however always is the end of our project: embodied narratives of disability.

Project: Return to work post-COVID 19

This research project wants to understand how disabled people experience the return to work after the main lockdown in the COVID19 pandemic. We aim to understand the lived experience of disabled people during the ease of lockdown and potential local lockdowns. The aim is to collect experience as they happen. We want to give voice to disabled people.

As part of this project, we will conduct a long-term virtual diary study with 20 disabled people resident in the UK. We will use the insights in our tend podcast and webinar series.

logo of NADSN, the letters are capitalised

We are proud to conduct this research in partnership with the National Association of Diasabled Staff Networks (NADSN). T

We are thankful to the British Academy for funding this project as part of their Special Research Grant initiative on COVID19

embodied narratives of disability

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