Our team

Dr. Anica Zeyen

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Sustainability, Royal Holloway University of London

I see myself as a researcher-advocate. My passion is to improve lives of disabled people and I aim to do this through my research but also through my advocacy work with disabled people’s organisations in Surrey, the UK and internationally. Find out more about me on my blog: Disability Research Diary

picture of Anica Zeyen
Picture of Oana Branzei
©2007 Shawn Simpson, SWS Photography

Prof. Oana Branzei

Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University (Canada)

Luke Coughlan

Research Assistant, Tend Project. PhD student at Royal Holloway.

I assist with the production of podcasts, webinars, and ensure the accessability of digital materials.

black and white picture of Luke Coughlan
half-body frontal shot of Emilio. He wearrs a red and black checkered shirt and we can see the straps of his backpack.

Emilio Costales

Access to Work Assistant & PhD student in Management at Royal Holloway University of London

As part of my research, I aim to understand how to create systemic change through social entrepreneurship. During this project, my role is to support Anica.

embodied narratives of disability

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