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We explore issues related to work and disability with guests from a range of professional backgrounds.

Living With Dystonia w/ Andrew Russell

Our guest is Andrew Russell, Trustee of Dystonia UK, the UK’s only national charity dedicated to helping people living with Dystonia.

Dystonia UK’s website:

Henry Fraser: Mouth Artist, Motivational Speaker, and Author

Our guest is Henry Fraser, mouth artist, public speaker, and best-selling author. We talk about his journey as an artist and his experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find Henry’s work here

Adapted Fitness w/ Ben Clark

Our guest is Ben Clark, founder of Adapt to Perform, an online gym with adapted fitness programmes for people with different disabilities.

Adapt to Perform’s website

Adapt to Perform’s YouTube channel

Inclusive Employment w/ Jane Hatton

Our guest is Jane Hatton, founder and CEO of Evenbreak, a job board which connects inclusive employers and talented disabled people.

Neurodiversity and the Workplace w/ Jonathan Andrews

Our guest is Jonathan Andrews, a solicitor who campaigns on the recognition and inclusion of neurodiverse employees in the workplace.

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