This is a British Academy funded project investigating people with disabilities’ experience of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking to highlight narratives of disability that have been overlooked or marginalized. For this competition, we’re asking participants to submit a video of approximately 5 minutes relating to work, disability, and COVID-19. Entries will be used in a short documentary film.

Upon finishing the documentary, we will send participants a copy of the film, to show their entry in context. Participants can stop their participation at any time without giving a reason.

For contact purposes, we ask participants for their name and email address. We will not share this data with any third parties. Data collected in this study will be stored securely in line with GDPR guidelines. The data will be destroyed after the end of the competition.

With consent, we will upload entries to our YouTube and Twitter channels. However, this is entirely optional. Participants can specify their permissions for this on the attached consent form. This will not affect the judging of the competition.

Winners will receive a £100 Gift Voucher for Amazon, John Lewis, Tesco or another retail outlet of their choice as long as they have a UK branch. The vouchers will be sent electronically to participants.

If you require any support linked to your return to work, please get in touch with relevant disability advocacy organizations such as:

embodied narratives of disability

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