tend stands for tracing, teaching, transmitting, theorising, threading and telling embodied narratives of disability. We aim to capture experiences of disabled people and help overcome ableism.

Anica Zeyen and Oana Branzei (project leaders)

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Call for Documentary Participants

All of us have experienced the pandemic in different ways. Some experiences were challenging, heartbreaking, upsetting or outright horrible,; others were positive as new opportunities became available that were previously said to be impossible; and many somewhere in between. We want to showcase the diversity of experiences of the pandemic of disabled people. As part…

Vlog competition launched

Make a video about your experience of working while disabled during the pandemic and win £100 gift voucher and be featured in a mini-documentary.


As the number of recorded coronavirus cases in the UK approaches 2 million, we are beginning to understand the societal impact of “long covid”. This week, a study from the ONS found 20% of those infected with COVID-19 were symptomatic after 5 weeks. Nearly 10% had symptoms three months after infection. Those with severe after-effects…

embodied narratives of disability